Located in the Pacific Ocean, a three-hour flight from Australia, New Zealand and Port Moresby, an hour and a half to Fiji and fifty-five minutes to Noumea, Vanuatu is your best location for export and related trading opportunities.


Time Zone
GMT +11

English and French

Avg. high: 28°C; Avg. low: 23°C
Near Market Advantage
Central to the MSG countries and Australia
Top cruiseship destination
Receives on average of 2 cruise hips per week
Tropical climate
Soil free of fertilizers
Organic-Volcanic Mix
Known for its organic produces


Commonly known and described by many as a land of welcoming smiles and voted the happiest place on earth twice, you won’t regret you choice of choosing Vanuatu as your investment destination. Its strategic location offers excellent opportunities suitable for your investment plans.

Imagine being the hub to more than 10 million consumers and coupled with access to number of free trade agreements, your investment plans cannot be any more easier.

The Center of the Melanesian Block – Geographically positioned in the center of the Melanesian countries and coupled with the countries friendly tax regime, Vanuatu provides excellent exporting zone opportunities. Small to medium scale value addition industries of the country’s high value products for export to niche market can be your opportunity. Imports for re-exports is fast becoming a significant component of the country’s international trading activity.

Tropical climate all year-round – the all year-round warm tropical climate is one of Vanuatu’s key strength in maintaining its high standard of organic status. Such climate has given rise to soils maintaining their richness, thus enabling all crops to achieve quality and high yields free of fertilizers.

Organic-Volcanic Mix – Vanuatu is globally recognized for its organic status and continuous efforts to maintain this common view. However, it is also known for its active volcanoes which claims the some of the world’s spectacular scenes. Very few knew about the benefits of the mix between being organic and the volcanic ashes to crops and forests. Recent studies have indicated this mix could give rise to a new breed or improved yields in some new plant species.

Proximity to main international markets – with an average flight time of around 3 hrs to Vanuatu’s main markets of Australia and New Zealand, visitors are ever welcoming to this country. You are assured to be part of the Global Value Chain if you are producing for external markets.

The upward trend in the number of cruise ships calling to Port Vila and Luganville is a clear demonstration of Vanuatu’s strategic location. According to current reports, cruise ship calls to Vanuatu will increase 25 % over the next two years..

Gateway to Australia for international students – The friendly tax regime and low cost of studying in Vanuatu has the potential for providing access point to Australia for students in the Asian countries.


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