A spectrum of excellent investment opportunities in our key sectors and industries that match your search for a viable investment plan and a perfect location.


Welcome to Vanuatu, a developing nation with a wide spectrum of untapped potential in its non-mineral sectors,
open to and encouraging the right investor, and ready to support investment plans to explore these great opportunities.
Recognized as the only bi-lingual national in the region and ranked twice as the happiest planet on earth, Vanuatu maintains a
favorable economic climate demonstrated by low inflation, steady upward growth, and a well-organized, locally-regulated financial system.
As such, the country has earned a reputation as an excellent investment destination for international businesses.


Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Foresry

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and livestock underpins Vanuatu’s economy. The country’s all-year subtropical climate with sufficient rainfall, good sunshine hours and quality soils offers favorable and ideal conditions for agricultural production.

But the production of some of these primary products have been and remains smallholder-based and and for subsistence purposes. Given the increasing need for food security, the country's high population growth rate and the need to gain maximum value from the country's high yield crops through exports demonstrates there is significant untapped potential in the sector to boost production capacity. In its current Overarching Productive Sector Policy (OPSP) and other national sector policies, the strengthening of the private sector to exploit Vanuatu's natural resources remains a prime focus.

The need for diversification or expansion of the country’s exports and encouragement for import-substitution initiatives means the production of the primary products is critical to enable a sufficient and sustainable supply.


Manufacturing, Construction and Utilities

The Government is conscious of its very small and limited economic base with the services sector the key driver for the country's growth.The Government sees the need for diversification, a results of which has seen the introduction of policies that support small-medium scale value addition industries.

Increased and quality production of local high value foods and products and ensure supply consistency presents excellent opportunity for this industry. Recent agreements between the Vanuatu Government and European Government have seen grants given by the European Government to improve to improve Vanuatu's 3 main productive products.

Out look for this industry is bright and will continue to be as a result of a number of Government decisions and market demand for the country's niche products. The Government has been and remains strong with its decision to expand developments to its 80% population in its rural provinces.


Tourism and ICT

Development of tourism industry and its significant contribution to the growth of the national economy has gained recognition by the government; and is the reason tourism industry is featured prominently in national development planning. Reality is it is the industry that maintains NOT only positive but strong growth over the recent years compared to other industries. Australia and New Zealand remain Vanuatu's main tourism market. While this will remain so, Vanuatu is progressing developments to tap into the Asian tourism market. With current strong and effective bilateral agreements, it is highly likely that this shift will be forthcoming in the medium term.

It is very clear that the government's call to diversify tourism into the rural parts of the country will be forthcoming given current level of infrastructure development taking place some of the islands. For example, a tar-sealed road in both Tanna and Malekula will both see increased tourism numbers to the two islands.

ICT industry is currently making positive impacts in both social end economic sectors of the country. It is an important enabler for growth with investment opportunities available.


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