Insurance package for serious vaccination side effects

The Vanuatu Government is preparing for insurance packages for people who may have a serious side effect to the vaccinations for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health with the support of the country's donor partners will be developing this support initiative that will go for final approval with the Council of Ministers.

The side effects of the vaccines were part of the awareness in the roll out by the health team working vigorously in the capital Port Vila and onto the outer islands.

This initiative is part of the long term preparation for the continued roll out however current cases of serious side effects of the vaccination are already being supported by the Government through the Ministry of Health.

Other long term and important plans are upgrading hospital equipment to ensure that Vanuatu has all the basic machinery needed in caring for any COVID-19 patients in the hospital when it does come to that stage.

The Acting DG for the Ministry of Health stated that the in the event that more cases are recorded, the Vanuatu Central Hospital will become the COVID Hospital while other facilities will cater for non-COVID issues.

This overall development will ensure that the citizens of Vanuatu receive adequate care and attention in the case that there is community transmission.