Digital Nomads

They are the people who earn their living by working remotely but have access to the internet, while being able to travel constantly and change their location quite often.

This is new sector altogether in terms of investment opportunities for host economics. Studies have shown a number of countries have benefited from the services these type of people are offering.

The VFIPA and its of board of Directors are seriously considering digital nomads as an alternative investment opportunity in Vanuatu. Consultations with key stakeholders are ongoing with having a solid concept paper in place regarding this opportunity the ultimate goal. The VFIPA board will then sell this concept to the government and other key stakeholders to gauge support.

With this emerging sector that is already getting the attention of the VFIPA board of directors, the VFIPA promotion team for good returns towards Vanuatu economy will be a priority despite the present of the covid-19 pandemic affecting economy around the globe.

The rise of digital nomads is part of the current revolutions were communications is highly recognised through the means of modern technological channels that makes productivity a lot easier. Discussion and focus, that is driven by VFIPA and VCCI, with supports from the government recognise the needs to boost the economic revenue.

And this will rely on the emerging opportunity such as digital nomads. A country like Vanuatu can welcome digital nomads and this can be done with the support of the private sector and government through attractive deals & offers.

The nature of the special offers will be eye catching base on selective rates on hotels/resorts, rental cars, health facilities and other wide varieties of offers. The government needs to make sure that digital nomads are traveling into the country legally, which means there must be precautionary measures put in place, especially from the Ministry of Health and NDMO.

The Department of Immigration will be responsible to provide a long-term visa options for digital nomads who choose to travel slowly and work remotely in Vanuatu for a longer period of time. This is very important because the longer they stay in the country, large injection of income to be collected to support the economy growth. Page 4 Vanuatu Foreign Investment Promotion Agency :website:

A concept note has been forwarded to the authority responsible, to further seek the legality of this current initiative and further support from the government to move this forward.